The Best Spots To Watch The Chicago Marathon

Chicago Apartments, Chicago Marathon Viewing

Registration for the 2012 Chicago Marathon opened in early Spring. Just a few short years before I swore I would never run a marathon, like ever. Instead I decided to do an Ironman, so in 2011 I “ran” my first marathon…after I swam 2.4 miles and rode my bike for 112 miles.
Funny how that happened. After Ironman I found myself looking for the next big race to put on my calendar…then an email came about registration opening for the Chicago Marathon. I really didn’t put much thought into signing up, registration opened and I let a few days go by.
Anyone who is familiar with this race knows it sells out fast, so I received another email showing that the race was nearly full. That email came right before I went out for a run on the lakefront path, I decided when I got home I was going to immediately sign up for the marathon. Those people are smart.
Chicago Apartments, Chicago Marathon Viewing
In all honesty, I was really excited about this race. It is a world class marathon that draws athletes from all around the world to race in our city. I figured what better way to celebrate my first year living in Chicago with doing this event? The course is amazing and takes you through many of the iconic neighborhoods Chicago is known for. One of the reasons I love this course is that it goes right through my neighborhood…East Lakeview and Boystown! To top it off, I had the lakefront path practically right at my front door to train on! So how did my day go??
Chicago Apartments, Chicago Marathon Viewing
The start of the marathon is crazy! There are SO many people, SO much excitement…but it eventually quiets down and you start to find your rhythm. I went through some ups and downs as most of us do during a marathon. Luckily there were some key parts to this course that kept me motivated and fueled even when I was feeling fatigued. The first key part of the course came around mile 7, we ran right past my apartment building at 536 W. Addison on the corner of Addison and Pine Grove! Not only was is so comforting to be right at home, know exactly where I was, but the crowd support over there was unreal! What a unique experience to live on the marathon course you are running?! That alone kept me positive and running at a good clip. Not too far from there takes runners in to the heart of Boystown.
Chicago Apartments, Chicago Marathon Viewing
I had heard so much about this part of the course, and was really looking forward to it. As you run south from Addison on Broadway you start to hear the crowd and music, and as you get closer the sights are unmatched at any other event I’ve seen! Even at that point which is several miles in to the marathon, you can’t help but smile and feel so happy and fortunate to be part of the day. The pain and fatigue goes away and it keeps you going. It’s reminiscent of the Pride Parade held in the same neighborhood in June…SO cool!!
Chicago Apartments, Chicago Marathon Viewing
After Boystown runners make their way through several other neighborhoods which include tons of spectators, good energy, music, and noise. Not to mention a nice little uphill before the finish line!! No doubt the highlight of the day is the time spent at the north end of the course in East Lakeview and Boystown!
Truly one of the most incredible events Chicago has to offer, one I highly recommend. It’s such a great way to see the city of Chicago and all that it has to offer. It’s an event I loved so much that I’m considering round #2 for 2014!!
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