The Best Pillow Covers You Can Buy From West Elm Right Now

Chicago Apartments, West Elm, Pillow Covers

We’re letting you in on a little secret. We kinda have a thing for pillows. The reason? They’re multifunctional, for starters, providing soft cushioning on couches or beds. They’re also often stylish, adding the finishing touch to a room’s aesthetic. Want to change up a room’s vibe for the night? Switch your standard pillows out for a fancier option. Curious about trying a new interior style but don’t want to commit yet? Test it out with some pillows to see how you like it first. Basically, we think pillows are underrated, and it’s time they received more recognition for their ability to influence a home’s interior. To celebrate one of our favorite home decor items, check out a few of our favorite pillow covers you can buy from West Elm right now.

Chicago Apartments, West Elm, Ink Abstract Pillow Covers

Ink Abstract Pillow Covers

There’s no reason for abstract art to be confined to your apartment’s walls—these pillow covers bring the joys of visual art right onto your couch or bed. They feature a cool mix of embroidery and bold prints in Platinum or Midnight. We think these pillow covers would be an excellent addition to a modern-styled apartment.

 Chicago Apartments, West Elm, Round Lush Velvet Pillow Covers

Round Lush Velvet Pillow Covers

Few fabrics boast the luxe sophistication of smooth velvet. We love these Round Lush Velvet Pillow Covers, which come in an array of colors, from “Pink Grapefruit” to “Green Gables” Treat yourself to a little bit of luxury with these indulgent velvet options.

Chicago Apartments, West Elm, Mongolian Lamb Fur Pillow Covers

Mongolian Lamb Fur Pillow Covers

What’s more welcoming than a fluffy, furry pillow? These lamb fur pillows will make guests want to cozy on up onto your home’s bed or couch. Take your pick from their muted color palette, which includes tones like “Pebbles” and “Rosette.”

 Chicago Apartments, West Elm, Dapper Animal Pillow Covers

Dapper Animal Pillow Covers

Tap into your animal instincts. These unique pillow covers feature animals dressed up and accessorized by Rachel Kozlowski, which are printed digitally onto the canvas covers. Pick out a few of these to give your living room a bit of a wild side.


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