The Best Of C2E2 2017

Chicago Apartments, C2E2

We always love to brag about the amazing events held in Chicago year round and we also like to think that the end of April is that unofficial kick off to festival season. That being said, we headed over to Chicago’s McCormick Place to checkout a pretty cool convention. No were not talking about the Chicago Auto Show, no, we are talking about C2E2!

The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, an amazing three day event that brings out the inter geek in us all, is a must see!  Not to mention that the convention has a lot going for it! Fans of comics, pop culture, graphic novels, anime, video games and more gather from all over the Midwest and beyond come to celebrate this unique Chicago event. So what’s there to do?  Well come find out!


Chicago Apartments, C2E2

At an expo that celebrates pop culture, video games, graphic novels and more, people are bound to dress up as some of their favorite characters.


Chicago Apartments, C2E2

391 Artists come from all over to display and sell their work! Whatever your fandom is, THEY HAVE IT. (Plenty of Chicago Artists are their too!) #goldengirls #harrypotter


Chicago Apartments, C2E2

This expo isn’t just for comic fans, it’s for everyone. You do you. Even Cub’s fans come out to represent! #captaincubbo


Chicago Apartments, C2E2

C2E2 is filled to the brim with some of the nicest people you’ll meet. Take pictures, see the sights, buy a souvenir or a new board game. We decided to try and find Waldo…

If you couldn’t tell, we had an absolute blast this year at C2E2 and hope some of you made it. Even thought C2E2 is now over, summer is just around the corner, so we suggest you take a look at our latest blog to help get you in that hot Chicago feeling with. PPM’s Top Five Chicago Beer Fests!

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