Where To Get Takeout In River North

where to get takeout in river north

Chicago’s River North neighborhood is a coveted place to call home, due in large part to the restaurants, bars, and entertainment spots in the area. Many of the best places to eat in River North offer takeout options, so you can enjoy some of the city’s best eats safely at home. Here are recommendations for the best takeout in River North to try the next time you want to grab a bite.

where to get takeout in river north

Where to Get Takeout in River North

Big & Little’s

If you and your roommate can’t decide on a place to get takeout for dinner, Big & Little’s should be your solution. They have a huge variety of options on their menu, from sandwiches and wraps to tacos and fried seafood. It’s the go-to spot for when you’re both craving different things.


Another one of our favorite spots for takeout in River North is Portillo’s. Their menu may be limited due to COVID-19, but it’s still packed with favorites like burgers, salads, beef sandwiches, and, of course, hot dogs. The chocolate cake is available, too!

Lou Malnati’s

When you’re “hangry” and have no energy left to figure out what you want to eat, a famous pie from Lou Malnati’s never fails. The buttery crust, zesty sauce, and mouth-watering fillings like sausage, spinach, and pepperoni make for an amazing meal every time, especially when you need some comfort food—because what’s more comforting than pizza?


Next on our list is Beatrix, a modern American eatery with an amazing selection of meals, sides, and snacks. From the vegan truffled mushroom risotto to the slow-braised short rib tacos, we’re certain there’s something on their menu to satisfy your cravings, no matter what your tastes are. The spot also has to-die-for dessert option—don’t miss the Oh My! Caramel Pie.


In the mood for Mexican food? Head to Rick Bayless’ Xoco for carryout tacos, tortas, salads, and lots more. In addition to the awesome meal items like the Baja chicken torta with gunthorp chicken, house-made chipotle mayo, slaw, black beans, and queso fresco, they have a great dessert menu—make sure to save room for some bean-to-cup chocolate.


Lastly, Ema is another great option for takeout in River North. The Mediterranean restaurant serves a variety of small plates, spreads, and dips. Try the spicy hummus, green falafel, or the chicken kabobs.

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