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Chicago Apartments, Chinatown Food, Sweet Station

One of the many reasons we all love Chicago has to definitely be the food. I mean we have it all, the best pizza, the best hotdogs, and we have some of the best cultural foods around. All of these can be found in the backyard of our amazing city. So today we ventured out into a pretty unique part of Chicago, Chinatown. Not only is Chinatown a really cool spot to check out but it has some of the best Chinese food found in the Midwest.
If you’re like us and love the Gold Coast then you’re in luck. Hop on the redline going south at Division and LaSalle and you’ll hit Chinatown in about, ten easy minutes. How cool is that? Fear not though, getting there from Lincoln Park and Lakeview is just as easy, find your closest redline and you will be there in no time!

Sweet Station

Is located right in Chinatown square a relatively new addition to the area. Here you can catch a live band on the plaza stage or explore the various shops and candy stores to your heart’s desire.
Chicago Apartments, Chinatown Food, Sweet Station
So this brings us to the Sweet Station restaurant in the square. It’s a charming little spot, much like the rest of the restaurants scattered throughout, but Sweet Station is rated one of the best and featured on ABC Chicago! Let’s take a look at what we had!

Spring Rolls

Chicago Apartments, Chinatown Food, Sweet Station
First up where the spring rolls, crunchy crunchy crunchy! Filled with all types of vegetables, this is a great traditional start to any Chinese dinner.

Sweet and Sour Soup

Chicago Apartments, Chinatown Food, Sweet Station
Now we all have tried this at some point, but let me tell you this soup was out of this word. First it was a huge portion and came out nice and hot. Filled with vegetables, shrimp, and beef this soup had it all and is a must try!

Vegetable Melody

Chicago Apartments, Chinatown Food, Sweet Station
For the vegetarian, this dish consisted of mushrooms peas, carrots, you name it! All so fresh and steamed right in house this will leave you feeling filled and satisfied.

Spicy Chicken

Chicago Apartments, Chinatown Food, Sweet Station
What can we say, we love spicy! This dish was the way to go, cooked in a light bread batter this chicken was tender and juicy. Surrounded by vegies and spices to give it that extra kick. Just be careful if someone in your group is allergic to peanuts because this comes loaded with them.
What’s great about these restaurants is that they are all very reasonable and each platter was under nine dollars! So if it’s your first time in Chinatown or fourth we highly recommend you check out the Sweet Station. Also if your in the market for a new apartment make sure to check out our blog on What Does it Cost to Live in Chicago!

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