Shop Smarter With These Sustainable Brands For 2020

sustainable brands for 2020

New year’s celebrations have come and gone. It’s time to get serious about your resolutions. If you’re like us, you may have decided to take steps toward sustainability in 2020. You want to start making better choices. But where do you begin? The first step to living more sustainably is to identify which brands are dedicated to reducing waste. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite sustainable brands for 2020 to help you buy smarter and live better this year. Check them out below.

sustainable brands for 2020

Sustainable Brands For 2020: Food

When food shopping, try to look for food brands that don’t use single-use plastics. It’s also a good idea to try and avoid buying processed foods, which typically contain more packaging than natural or local options. You can also do some research as to where your food is sourced. Stick with brands that are committed to sustainable practices when raising meat or seafood. Here are some specific sustainable brands for 2020 we recommend:

Imperfect Foods – Imperfect Foods is on a mission to “eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone,” according to the website. They deliver “imperfect” organic produce, dry goods, eggs and other food items, which are normally discarded. These foods may look a little funky, but they’re just as nutritious and delicious as their “normal” counterparts. For example, when ordering from Imperfect Foods, you may receive a misshapen carrot or an over-sized egg. If that’s not a deal-breaker to you, check them out.

Misfits Market – Similarly to Imperfect Foods, Misfits Market is working to reduce food waste by offering up misshapen produce for 40% less than the grocery store prices, according to the website. The brand delivers organic fruits and veggies that farms and stores cannot sell due to slight imperfections in size, shape or cosmetic issues.

Thrive Market – Another food delivery service we love is Thrive Market. They offer are sustainably sourced food brands and use 100% recycled packaging for their shipments. A membership to Thrive will grant you access to thousands of sustainable brands, from meats and fish to dry goods and cooking products. The best part? You’ll get a big discount on the brands you love.

sustainable brands for 2020

Sustainable Brands For 2020: Home Goods

One of the best ways to live more sustainably is to buy less stuff. When you do decide to purchase home goods, try a thrift store or consignment shop before buying something new. Yard sales or estate sales can also be good places to shop. Here are some other sources of sustainable home goods to check out this year:

Newly – We love Newly, a brand that provides stunning home goods made from 100% repurposed or recycled materials. Products include glassware, blankets, trays and cutting boards. How beautiful are these handmade Lilypad votives?

The Citizenry – The Citizenry offers gorgeous home goods from around the globe that are all sustainably sourced and ethically crafted. Their items are available in limited quantities, which reduces excess waste and they are all handmade by artisans. These planters are available in multiple sizes, and they’re the perfect home for some of our most-loved house plants.

Parachute – Parachute is another brand featuring an ethically-sourced, curated collection of home goods. You can feel good about purchasing their bedding, bath accessories, mattresses and other home accessories, all of which are made without synthetics or harmful chemicals. Their products are also designed by artisans living in Turkey, Italy, Portugal and the U.S.

sustainable brands for 2020

Sustainable Brands For 2020: Clothing

Remember, refraining from excess purchasing is the best way to live more sustainably. But when you need new clothes, try a thrift store before checking out one of these sustainable clothing brands.

Thred Up – Thred Up is an online consignment and thrift shop. They have a huge selection of clothing, shoes and accessories, from basic options to more luxurious items. If you sign up, you’ll get 50% off your first purchase.

Reformation – Sustainability is at the core of everything Reformation does, according to the website. They have been 100% carbon neutral since 2015. Reformation is known for flowy dresses, casual knits and comfy denim.

Amour Vert – Amour Vert is an American brand dedicated to providing sustainable clothing. According to the website, 97% of their products are made in California. They partner “directly with mills to develop fabrics that are sustainable, soft and durable.” They’ve also partnered with the organization American Forests and will plant a tree for every t-shirt sold.


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