Summer Salad Recipes You’ll Want to Make Every Day

Summer Salad Recipes

Summer is weeks away, so we wanted to share some seasonal recipes. These flavorful salads are light without being flimsy, so they’ll fill you up without weighing you down. meals that won’t weigh you down. Here are a handful of mouth-watering summer salad recipes you’ll want to make again and again (and again).

Summer Salad Recipes

Arugula Caprese Salad

First on our list is this arugula Caprese salad. Featuring cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, it’s a light and easy option for a summer weeknight. In just 15 minutes, you’ll have a tasty, savory salad that makes for a great side dish or main summer course.

Fattoush Salad with Grilled Veggies Recipe

Fattoush salads are Mediterranean “bread” salads, which typically feature things likes mixed greens, cucumbers, radishes and fried pita. Along with yummy grilled veggies, this one features olives, green onions, chopped mint and juicy lemon, plus other summertime-inspired ingredients.

Tomato Watermelon Salad Recipe

Described as “summer in a bowl,” this salad is simple, sweet, and salty. If you haven’t experienced the joy of feta cheese coupled with sweet watermelon, you’re in for an extra exciting treat. This is pretty much the perfect summer salad!

Salmon Avocado Salad Recipe

Salmon is a powerhouse food because it’s chock-full of healthy nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids. Avocados also offer the “good” kind of fat. The best part of this salad? It can be ready to enjoy in under 20 minutes.

Our Strawberry Spinach Salad Recipe

Finally, our strawberry spinach salad recipe is a must this time of year. With only a handful of ingredients, its simplicity is what makes it so good. Eating tip: Try to get a forkful of spinach, strawberry, feta and red onion in every bite.

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