Summer Green Tips

It looks like it’s finally Summer in Chicago. FINALLY. And with Summer comes sunscreen, or at least sunscreen SHOULD come with Summer. Living a greener and healthier lifestyle isn’t just about the environment, it’s also about taking care of yourself and using products that benefit both you and the environment. If sunscreen isn’t already a part of your daily Summer routine, please watch this video ( and highly consider using it – Summer in Chicago inevitably involves beach weekends, PPM pool parties, and drinks on sunny rooftops; do yourself a favor and lather on some sunscreen before enjoying the Chicago sun.
If you already use sunscreen or if you watched the extremely sad and inspiring video above and decided that not wearing sunscreen is a terrible decision (yes, the video is that good) then you should also consider a sunscreen that’s better for both you and the environment.

It may be surprising to hear that most sunscreens actually don’t have the necessary UVA protection to fully protect you from the sun. Additionally, 4 out of 5 sunscreens contain chemicals that pose a danger to your health.
Things to look out for:
– Nanotechnology: sunscreens that use this technology often are ahead of the FDA and the health risks have not yet been evaluated. Initial studies show that these technologies can have harmful effects on your lungs and are harmful to the environment because they are long lasting and chemically reactive.
– Oxybenzane: used in many sunscreens to encourage absorption but is linked with hormone disruption, cell damage and even allergies. This is the most common active ingredient found in sunscreens.

So then, what are some effective and safe sunscreens?
– Most Aveeno sunscreens
– Burts Bees sunscreen
– Kiss my Face sunscreen
– Seventh Generation sunscreen

Have a happy and safe Summer!
Look out for our blog on Thursday as we will be taking a break from “Green” and giving you some great FREE things to do around Chicago for the 4th of July weekend!!

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