Treat Yourself to These Easy Summer Dessert Recipes

summer dessert recipes

A sweet treat on a summer day is one of life’s simple pleasures. Summertime isn’t over yet, so we’re rounding up some of the summer dessert recipes we’re currently drooling over. These desserts feature seasonal favorites and ingredients like strawberries and watermelon. Enjoy!

summer dessert recipes

Summer Dessert Recipes

No-Fire S’mores

You don’t need a campfire to make these beloved summer treats. If you have an oven, you can make s’mores indoors. This recipe from Food Network will show you how to do it right. Pro tip: Get creative by adding sliced bananas or peanut butter to your graham cracker layers.

Fruit and Coconut Ice Cream

Ice cream is the ultimate summer indulgence. Thanks to this easy recipe from Good Housekeeping, you can whip up fruit-flavored ice cream at home with just a handful of ingredients. Feel free to choose whatever fruit you want. We recommend sliced peaches and strawberries. Pure bliss in every bite.

Orange Coconut Popsicles

Popsicles are another summer tradition. This recipe from Tasty for orange coconut ice pops features just three ingredients: Coconut milk, orange juice and honey. Simply blend the ingredients, pour them into molds and set them in the freezer. In about four hours, you’ll have a homemade summer dessert that’s relatively healthy.

Better Together Fruit Tart

Next, meet your new favorite summer dessert: the “Better Together Fruit Tart” from Foodie in New York. Don’t let the presentation intimidate you. This tart looks super impressive, but it doesn’t require any fancy cooking skills to make it look great. With a basic crust and a no-bake center, it’s a simple recipe we plan to make over and over again.

Watermelon Granita

Last on our list of summer dessert recipes is this watermelon granita recipe, which is also deceptively simple. All you’ll need is watermelon, lime juice, sugar, salt and cayenne pepper. According to the recipe, you can omit the sugar if you’re lucky enough to have an especially sweet watermelon.

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