Studio Living in Cozy Comfort

You can’t see yourself living in a studio! That’s how I felt until I did it. I grew up in a large 4-bedroom house on the North Shore with rooms that we never used. So was all that square footage necessary? A resounding “NO.” But nobody could have told me otherwise, until I sold my River North two-bedroom condo and moved into 3130 N. Lake Shore Drive.
I worried about the square footage, but I was sold on the view. Having interior designer friends and being creative myself helped me commit to the apartment, but I was still concerned. It wasn’t until my furniture was in the apartment that my organizational and creative juices flowed. Nothing is in the same place it was the day I arrived. Now I breathe in the lake and harbor view daily, everything is in its perfect spot, and I am more comfortable in my studio than I ever was in my large condo or childhood home. It may only have one main room, but it’s awesome. You, too, can create total comfort, a retreat from stress and chaos, within a studio designed for spa-like peace or a bright and happy garden. Here’s all you need to know.

Square Footage Isn’t Everything

The layout is what matters. Measure your wall sizes. If you’re starting from scratch, buy “low” furniture. Tall and oversized pieces close in a room, so limit yourself to one tall chest or bookcase. Think Asian, Scandinavian, or 1960s to 70s design. Chicago is loaded with vintage shops and low-priced new furniture stores, so decorating for will be easy.

Love Your Walk-In Closet

This is your hub. Double hang all clothing. If you’re not into clothing, a walk-in makes a great office. Use every inch, wall-to-wall, floor to ceiling. Forget the expensive closet systems. Hardware stores offer many choices in everything: rods, shelves, hooks, cement nails – the ultimate in do-it-yourself. If you’re not handy and organizing is not your thing, ask someone.

Don’t Limit The Design To The Walls

A studio may have only one main room, but you don’t have to decorate it that way. Many one-bedrooms offer less usable space than studios. Unless a small one-bedroom has a sheet for separation, that extra wall divider takes up space, and studios can offer more options.

Mirrors Offer More Than Your Reflection

Mirrors add light and increase visible space exponentially. Go vertical or horizontal, but go big. Small accent mirrors may be “cute,” but waste space, so don’t waster your money. Check in next week for more on PPM Apartments and live a fabulous life in East Lakeview. Email us at or call our sales office at 773-788-6393
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