Stop Getting Parking Tickets With the ParkChicago app

Stop Getting Parking Tickets With the ParkChicago app

• Pay for parking with your phone
• Extend your time remotely
• Easy and Convenient

The ParkChicago app for iOS (iPhone) and Android allows you to pay for parking on metered streets with your smartphone. For times over two hours, there is no additional charge and for times under two, there is an extra 35¢ fee. It also allows you to extend your time remotely to avoid getting an expensive parking ticket. All you need to do is download the app and set up an account. Quite simple.

If you come home late at night and cannot find a non-metered free space you can wake up, pay for the space with your phone and not have to go through the hassle of running to your car to move it in the morning. Be certain that there are no morning parking restrictions as some streets do not allow parking from 7am to 9am on weekday mornings. Write down or snap a photo of the sign with the zone number and remember your license plate number. You need these to pay for parking. There is metered street parking near all Planned Property Management buildings.

More information is available at or search for the app on your smartphone’s app store.

Planned Property Management offers buildings with off street parking in Lakeview, Lincoln Park, the Gold Coast and River North Neighborhoods – check out for details.

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