Staying Safe When The Days Get Shorter

There are so many things to love about Fall. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are enough to make anyone love Fall all on their own but cozy sweaters, beautiful colors, cider, pumpkin pie, and boots are just a few more wonderful things that come with the best season of the year (in my and all the best people in the world’s opinion). But another thing we’ve already started to notice is that with Fall also comes less daylight. It’s getting darker earlier and soon our commutes home from work will be mostly in the dark. Although all Planned Property Management buildings are located in some of the best neighborhoods in Chicago, safety is always a concern in a big city, especially at night. We’ve put together a few tips and some advice for helping our residents be aware of their surroundings and make smarter choices as the days get shorter. Unfortunately crime and violence is a reality, but you can take proactive steps to make sure that you’re not a victim:
• Know where you are and what’s going on around you. If you meet friends for an after work drink in an area that’s unfamiliar to you, look up the nearest train stop on your phone BEFORE leaving the bar, always have a plan, don’t get caught outside in the dark in a place that’s unfamiliar or uncomfortable, splurge on a taxi when in doubt, and make sure you’re aware of the people around you.

• Give off confident body language. Don’t look down and fiddle with your phone, stand up straight and walk with a purpose. When picking a target assailants will always go for someone who looks weak and the stronger and more confident you look the less likely they may be to attack you. I don’t care if you have no idea where you are and you’re scared to death, fake it.

• Travel with a friend whenever possible. Why you would choose not to is beyond me but nevertheless, it’s worth saying. If you just have to have that late night Pumpkin Spice Latte, see if your friend or neighbor has the same craving (it’s probable that they do).

• If you’re ever confronted, speak slowly, calmly and loudly. You don’t want to panic as it may cause the assailant to panic and do something rash. Also, the louder and more slowly you speak the better chance a passerby has a chance to hear what’s going on.
• Report any incident. Nothing is too small to report and could stop someone from going further the next time. If someone stopped you and threatened you but let you go without doing you harm that doesn’t mean they will do the same for the next person. Report any incident.

• Stay in well-lit populated areas as much as possible.

• Always tell friends or family where and when you are going somewhere.

The above tips will hopefully not be new information but a reminder to be aware as the days get shorter. All of our PPM buildings are in amazing locations but you can never be too safe.
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