Stay Committed to Going Green

Chicago Apartments, Going Green

We’ve given you a lot of information about ways that PPM is going green as well as tips to make your life more sustainable. But sometimes, we get lazy. We have great ideas that will help the planet but sometimes we take the easy way out and revert back to our old ways. We wanted to send out a reminder that going green doesn’t have to be a hassle if you make it a part of your every day choices. Here is a list of easy and cheap (and in some cases, cheaper than what you’re doing now) ways to go green (or stay green)!!


Chicago Apartments, Going Green

A brutal Chicago winter is coming. This is the terrible truth. Let’s just prepare ourselves for the worst already, shall we? The ideal temperature (for comfort and energy use) is to keep your thermostat at 68 degrees when you’re home and 55 degrees at night or while you’re not home. This will save you money as well as energy.


Chicago Apartments, Going Green

What do you do when you’re done using your laptop? I shut it and forget about it. But even though your computer is “asleep) it’s still using energy. At the end of the day try actually turning off your computer instead. Try this at work as well to double your energy-saving impact.


This one will not only save you money and energy but also make you look super fancy to your friends. Instead of opting for paper napkins or paper towels, go for cloth napkins that you can easily throw in the washer.

Coffee Mugs

Chicago Apartments, Going Green

I am a Starbucks connoisseur. But recently I’ve started putting a travel mug in my workbag so that I’m not going through one (or more) paper Starbucks cups per day. Try doing this not only for purchasing coffee on the go, but also if you have a coffee station at work. The same goes for water bottles!


Chicago Apartments, Going Green

Notify your building engineer if any of the facets in your apartment are leaking. A leaky faucet can waste more water than you think and we at PPM are committed to saving as much water as possible.

Go Paperless

Chicago Apartments, Going Green

Change all of your bills, newspapers, or subscriptions to be online. The amount of paper used to send out bills and newspapers is astounding – and face it, usually you throw it away when you get it and pay it online anyway.

Keep your Freezer Full

A full freezer (believe it or not) runs more efficiently than an empty freezer – it keeps your food colder, therefore fresher.

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