St. Paddy’s Day Treats @ Lakeview’s DMK Burger

Chicago Apartments, St. Patrick's Day Food, DMK Burger

We took an afternoon stroll to the DMK Burger Bar located at 2954 N Sheffield Ave. Of course our visit today would not be the first, considering we absolutely pine over the juicy list of delicacies they have to offer. However, we heard rumor of a few special additions to the menu. We are living proof that for a limited time, sinking your teeth in to the “HORSESHOE” sandwich will satiate your holiday hunger…

An open faced sandwich with a brioche foundation, sliced thin pickle, and a grass fed patty. Atop the initial stack, is a layer of tastefully seasoned fries, lustfully completed with a Merkt’s Cheddar – remoulade.

Chicago Apartments, St. Patrick's Day Food, DMK Burger

Top it off with The Shammy Shake. Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, mixed together with Lucky Charms. A sweet reminder of Saturday mornings, binging on sugar sweet cereal, left me with an un-regrettable adult sense of magical deliciousness. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

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