Spring Cleaning Tips for a Squeaky-Clean Apartment

spring cleaning tips

We’ve made it to March, which means the official start of spring is days away. If you’re feeling inspired to declutter, organize, and deep-clean your space, these spring cleaning tips will help you tackle the tasks efficiently while staying organized.

spring cleaning tips

Assess Your Cleaning Supplies

First, assess your cleaning supplies and tools. Throw away any cleaning solutions or tools that are old or dirty. You may also want to make some “green” cleaning solutions with basic ingredients.

Break It Down by Room

Don’t tackle your apartment all at once—you’re more likely to feel overwhelmed if you approach it that way. Instead, break your cleaning process down room-by-room. Stay organized by creating checklists. Then, focus on one room a time to make sure you give it a thorough cleaning.

Declutter Your Space

Before you can begin sweeping, scrubbing, and shining, you need to declutter your apartment. Gather and toss any trash you’ve collected over the last few months. Make a “giveaway” pile of any gently used items you no longer need. Once you’ve sorted through your stuff, you’ll be able to give your apartment a deep clean.

Stay Organized

After you’ve decluttered and cleaned your apartment, it’s a good idea to try and keep things tidy moving forward. Messes are easiest to clean up when they’re small, so it’s easier to periodically clean your space than to give it a big overhaul once in a while.

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