Spring Cleaning – The Green Way!

Chicago Apartments, Spring Cleaning, Going Green

Mother nature may have other plans but (hopefully) Spring is right around the corner.
We all know what happens in the Winter.
We’re pack rats and we spend a lot of time indoors which means our apartments could probably use a pick me up as the weather gets warmer.
Yet Spring cleaning isn’t all that bad.
Here are a few tips to spring clean your apartment with the environment, and your health, in mind.


I have a rule that is sometimes hard to stick to but if you want to feel less cluttered and more organized you need to apply it to your life. If you haven’t worn it in more than a year it needs to go. I know, I know, trust me, I am the queen of: “but what if this blouse/skirt/shirt comes back in style in a few years… I will be so mad I didn’t keep it” but guess what? In three years it will probably not be age-appropriate for you to wear that super tight skirt anyway, you’ll live.
Chicago Apartments, Spring Cleaning, Going Green
Maybe getting rid of clothes you never wear will make you feel less guilty about buying some new clothing staples too… I mean, that’s how I see it anyway. In order to be green about your clothing purge don’t just toss whatever you don’t want. PPM organizes clothing drives throughout the year and there are also multiple destinations (Salvation Army, Goodwill) for you to take unwanted clothing or even household items. If you’re not getting rid of clothes because of a sentimental attachment, consider repurposing! My mom recently made me a t-shirt quilt out of all my college shirts that I never wore but couldn’t bear to part with. It is now my absolute favorite blanket and all of my friends are envious. There are also ways to make old sweaters into pillows that is super easy: http://www.hgtv.com/handmade/turn-an-old-sweater-into-a-chic-preppy-pillow/index.html

Deep Clean

We all do it. You vacuum your entire apartment, or dust everywhere except for under the bed (because who wants to move their bed) and except for under or behind all those heavy things. And although this is okay most of the time these areas do need attention every once in a while. Dust can cause serious health problems for many people. So if you find yourself overly sneezing or having allergy issues you may want to do a deep clean. A few ways to deep clean your apartment:
Chicago Apartments, Spring Cleaning, Going Green
o Vacuum your couch. Especially if you have pets.
o Clean your blinds. A grueling and terrible process but so worth it.
o Clean your sinks and drains. Try a homemade green friendly concoction: 1 tsp baking soda, ½ tsp dish soap and 2 tbsp vinegar in a spray bottle, shake it up then fill the rest of the way with warm water. And if you’d like to freshen your kitchen drain take a lemon wedge and squeeze over drain and then run hot water over it for a fresh smell.
o Clean your oven. Use a baking soda and water paste that is environmentally friendly AND extremely tough on grease.
o Clean your microwave.
o Run vinegar and water through your coffee maker.


If you find that your apartment becomes cluttered or messy quickly after cleaning, you may want to rethink your organization system. One quick tip is that you should never put anything off that takes under 2 minutes. So if you come in from taking out the dog, don’t throw your coat on the bed, hang it up. Don’t put your plate in the sink, wash it. There are so many things we do every day that we put off that in reality would probably take less time if we just did them right away. This is the first step to becoming more organized and it really is simple.
Chicago Apartments, Spring Cleaning, Going Green
Hopefully these tips can help you welcome spring in a cleaner, greener and more organized way. And maybe, just maybe, if we all do some spring-cleaning mother nature will follow suit.

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