Spring 2019 Home Decor Trends We Love

Chicago Apartments, Home Decor Trends


Let’s talk trends. All of the spring 2019 home decor trends we’ve seen have been giving us some serious apartment-envy. Here are a few of the best ones we’ve noticed so far.

 Chicago Apartments, Home Decor Trends, Living Room

All Natural

The all-natural trend for spring is inspired by a piqued interested in “biophilia” (an idea that emphasizes the relationship between humans and nature). To add balance to our technology-filled apartments, try incorporating some natural elements to your home decor. Think natural wood furnishings, sustainable materials, and of course, houseplants.

 Chicago Apartments, Home Decor Trends, Bedroom

Blush Tones

If you watched the Oscars last night, you’d know that pink is definitely the color for spring 2019. That goes for more than just the red carpet—shades of blush and rose are a popular choice for spring 2019 home decor as well. However, on the decor side of things, a more muted shade is currently trending. Pink can be a good way to ease into color if you’re typically more a neutrals-only person. Pale pinks and taupes can easily vibe with a more neutral aesthetic, so it’s a good starting point.

 Chicago Apartments, Home Decor Trends, Living Room

Jewel Tones

For those who are ready to go a bit bolder, rich jewel tones are another decor trend for spring 2019. Specifically, we love the look of a couch in a vibrant hue such as a royal blue couch or ruby-colored rug. If you aren’t too sure about the trend yet but want tyourip you feet, start with some jewel-toned pillows. They’ll let you ease into the trend without fully committing to any major purchases.

 Chicago Apartments, Home Decor Trends, Bedroom

Go Groovy

Have you heard? The 70s are back (well, kind of). Many of the trends we’re seeing fit under the broader category of 70s-inspired decor. Velvet, geometric prints, and abstract aesthetics are a big trend for spring 2019 home decor. Tip: Adding some groovy wallpaper to one wall in your apartment can completely reinvent its vibe, and we love the look.