Space Management in Small Apartments

Chicago Apartments, Space Management, Bedroom

One of the keys to living comfortably in a small apartment is being smart about the space you have.

Following are some space-saving ideas for furnishing and decorating your cozy apartment.

With a little creativity and a personal touch, it’s not so hard to make your apartment feel like home.

So let’s take a look at some space saving ideas you can try out.

Clean and Clear

Chicago Apartments, Space Management

The first step to maximizing your space is to the remove the clutter. Get organized; scrap what you don’t need, keep the essentials, and box up and store what you don’t need immediately.

Go Into the Light

Chicago Apartments, Space Management, Bedroom

In large spaces, dark colors that are warm or earth-toned in hue can provide a sense of intimacy. In small spaces, however, dark colors can make rooms seem even tinier. Light, cool colors on walls and furnishings create an open effect. If you don’t have significant natural light, position floor lamps where they will cast light and reflect; hang a mirror, which can create the illusion of space and reflect light throughout a room.

Open Spaces

Chicago Apartments, Space Management

Remove unnecessary furniture and accessories. Position furniture against walls or out of primary walkways. Show as much floor as possible, and create space for yourself and others to stand and move.

Going Up

Chicago Apartments, Space Management

In metropolitan areas like Chicago, where space is at a premium, structures are built upward to accommodate multiple people and businesses with small footprints. When space is at a premium, use tall or stackable shelving for storage and place dividers in your closet to make the most of limited space.


Chicago Apartments, Space Management

In the kitchen, use appliances that can handle multiple chores to cut down on the products you have lining your countertops. If you need to free up shelf space, display attractive dishware on your counters. In the bathroom, use caddy-type shelves or thin, rising shelves to hold necessary goods.

Go Green

Chicago Apartments, Space Management

It may seem odd to add garnishment to a tight space, but placing a plant or two in the right spot can help your apartment feel airier and more alive. They also help clean the air.

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