Snarf’s Sandwiches

Chicago Apartments, Snarf's Sandwiches

Snarf’s Sandwiches

2201 N. Lincoln Ave



We here @ PPM are ALWAYS on the lookout for affordable lunches in our neighborhoods – so we were super excited when the Colorado based sandwich chain, Snarf’s open right here in Lincoln Park!  We loved the welcoming atmosphere – open, large, super colorful and loud fun music!

All great sandwiches start with great bread and Snarf’s breads are delicious – crunch and toasty on the outside and super soft on the inside – we loved the white and the wheat!  When you order your sandwich you might think you are getting a regular toasted sub offered by other chains – but you will be pleasantly surprised!  Snarf’s has more …. more meat, more fresher vegetables and larger portions!  Yea, the toaster oven might take a little longer – but it is worth wait!  The bread to filling ratio is perfect.

First up, the Italian – one word AWESOME! Real deli meats couples with super fresh vegetables and the perfect amount of heat!

Chicago Apartments, Snarf's Sandwiches

The New York Steak & Provolone is made with real steak – the sandwich is tender, flavorful and juicy!

Our biggest surprise was the Smoked Brisket & Swiss – smoky flavorful – it rivaled any Chicago BBQ joint!

We loved everything about Snarf’s – great atmosphere, great service and most importantly great food!  They have another location in River North (right down the street from 55 W. Chestnut) and a new one coming on DePaul’s Campus.  Run don’t walk to Snarf’s Sandwiches!

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