Shower Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Psst. We’re letting you in on a secret. You’re probably taking showers wrong. We learn how to shower at a young age so it becomes second nature. But have you ever considered how many variables are at play in your daily shower? Between water temperature, timing, and products, there’s a lot going on, and there’s a big possibility you’re not going about it in an optimum way. How you take a shower can have a big impact on your skin, hair, and even your overall health. That’s why we’re sharing the shower mistakes you’re probably making and what to do instead to give you the best results skin and hair results possible.

Your Water Is Too Hot

A steaming hot shower can feel like a mini-spa treatment, but unfortunately, hot water can damage your skin’s moisture barrier, leaving it dry itchy and flaky. The same thing goes for your hair—a shower that’s too hot can dry out your hair, making it extra frizzy or rough to the touch. Opt for warm showers instead of scolding hot ones, and do a quick rinse off with cooler water right before you hop out.


Cleansing Too Often

Personal hygiene is a critical component to self-care, and cleaning yourself thoroughly on a daily basis is a necessity. However, you don’t need to overdo it. Many of us know not to wash our hair every day, but the same can be said for our skin. Overwashing can lead to dry, dull skin, as it removes our natural oils and doesn’t give them a chance to replenish themselves. Avoid taking too many showers to protect yourself from these unwanted effects.


Leaving Your Loofah In The Shower

Loofahs are a popular alternative to washcloths. Their meshy material can exfoliate the skin. But because loofahs absorb water, they can get moldy and become breeding grounds for bacteria. To avoid this, ring out your loofah and keep it outside of your shower so it can properly dry off when not in use.


Not Cleaning Your Shower Head

Showers are meant to leave you feeling fully clean and refreshed. The last thing you want is for your shower to be making you dirtier. But if you don’t clean your showerhead, it’s possible that you’re spreading bacteria all over your body every time you hop in for a rinse. Be sure to clean your shower head regularly to keep it sanitary and squeaky clean. Check out how to clean your shower head here.


Rubbing Dry Instead Of Patting

Once you’re out of the shower, don’t rub your body with a towel. That can damage skin and cause flakiness. Instead, take your towel and gently pat your body dry without using any harsh movements that could damage your skin.

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