A Short Shower Meditation To Clear Your Mind

Chicago Apartments, Shower Meditation

Finding the time to meditate is a big reason people skip out on it altogether. It’s hard to set aside time to do, well, nothing at all, when our schedules are so action-packed. One way to handle this conundrum is to utilize some of the downtime you already have by integrating a short meditation practice into your routine. When we shower, we’re usually away from our phones, away from others, and left alone with our thoughts and ourselves. Instead of belting out songs while you’re taking a morning shower, consider doing the opposite by going inward and taking some quiet time for yourself before the day begins. This short shower meditation can help to clear your head, calm your mind, and prepare you for the day ahead (or relax you before going to bed). And you don’t have to set aside any extra time in your day to do it. Use your daily shower as a way to cleanse not only your body but your mind.

Chicago Apartments, Shower Meditation

Shower Meditation

First, set the mood. If you typically listen to music or a podcast while in the shower, plan to skip it. You’ll want to eliminate distractions for the few minutes you’ll be focusing on yourself.

Set the water temperature to your preferred setting and close your eyes. Begin to focus on your breath. Take a few deep breaths while focusing on the feeling of expansion as you inhale and the sense of tension relief as you exhale.

Next, turn away from the shower so that the stream of water hits the back of your neck. Focus on the sensation of the warm water as you breathe deeply in and out, keeping your eyes closed. Allow your whole body to relax and give into the feeling of peace.

Experiment with breathing patterns and see what feels best. For example, try breathing inward for three seconds, holding for three seconds, then breathing outward for three seconds. Continue for about three minutes, focusing on the breath and the sensation of the warm water on your neck.


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