Shopping in Chicago

Chicago Apartments, Shopping, Armitage Avenue

Shopping is a routine activity in any metropolitan area, but like most things Chicago does, it is done here in grand style.
Most people don’t know that it was Chicago’s delightful displays of goods that inspired L.
Frank Baum’s vision of Oz, and it is just as wonderful a sight today as it ever was.
Let’s take a look at some of the best spots to shop!

The Magnificent Mile

Chicago Apartments, Shopping, Magnificent Mile
No shopping experience in Chicago would be complete without visiting the Magnificent Mile: North Michigan Avenue from Oak Street to the River. This tends to be high-end shopping, but it includes many unique items that you just can’t find elsewhere.
And don’t forget to stroll around the corner on Oak Street, which has its own unique flavor and shops.

State Street

Chicago Apartments, Shopping, State Street
In downtown Chicago’s Loop, State Street was Chicago’s original Miracle Mile, and it retains its character as a great shopping destination. It’s where locals are more likely to shop, especially if they work downtown, and it’s a great place to look for bargains.

Armitage Avenue

Chicago Apartments, Shopping, Armitage Avenue
In Lincoln Park, Armitage Avenue is the shopping destination. It’s definitely got a feminine bent with eclectic home décor, beauty shops, boutiques, and even a bridal store.

The Alley and Environs

Chicago Apartments, Shopping, The Alley
At Clark Street and Belmont, The Alley is a fixture in the otherwise changing landscape of the counterculture. If you’re looking for something that is gritty and offbeat, you can find it here, and as the dark star of rebellion, the Alley has collected many wannabe retailers into its orbit. Poke into corners and you’ll be delighted and/or horrified at what you find.

Southport Avenue

Chicago Apartments, Shopping, Southport Avenue
If you’re looking for a relaxed place to stroll and shop, this Lakeview neighborhood is a great destination, with a nice mix of restaurants, boutiques, and cafes for people who like to take their shopping at a slower pace and don’t care if their arms aren’t laden down with dozens of shopping bags.

Wicker Park

Chicago Apartments, Shopping, Wicker Park
Wicker Park has a great mix of high fashion, vintage, boutique, and imported goods stores to make most of us green with envy because we don’t have the green to afford many of the items on display here. There’s lots of inspiration to be found here, even if you can’t buy anything to take it home—you’ll come away with something valuable.
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