Shaving Cream Cleaning Hacks for Your Apartment

Chicago Apartments, Shaving Cream Cleaning

We love cleaning hacks that utilize household items in unexpected ways. Recently, we learned that a product commonly found in showers can be used outside of the bathroom, too—for cleaning purposes. It’s shaving cream, and if you’re surprised to learn how multifunctional it is, you aren’t alone. We felt the same way. But now that we know the truth, we’re never going back. And we’re willing to bet you’ll be a shaving cream convert, too. Check out the best shaving cream cleaning hacks we’ve found below.

Chicago Apartments, Shaving Cream Cleaning, Stainless Steel Cleaning

Clean Stainless Steel

To polish your stainless steel with shaving cream, coat the object in shaving cream. Simply wipe it off to reveal a sparkling clean surface. This works on anything from a stainless steel sink to kitchenware.

Chicago Apartments, Shaving Cream Cleaning, Jewelry Shining Tips

Shine Your Jewelry

Shaving cream works wonders on dulling jewelry. Coat your jewelry in shaving cream and give it a good rub. Wipe it dry, and let your jewels shine.

Chicago Apartments, Shaving Cream Cleaning, Removing Carpet Stains

Remove Carpet Stains

Here’s how to remove carpet stains with shaving cream: First, spray the shaving cream over the stain. Next, take a damp sponge and wipe it down. Allow the area to dry overnight. Vacuum up the leftover mess in the morning, and the stain will be long gone.

shaving cream cleaning hacks

Clean Your Mirror

For a sparkling clean mirror, apply shaving cream to it. Next, simply wipe it clean with a towel. This will remove smudges, water stains, or other streaks.

Chicago Apartments, Shaving Cream Cleaning, Oven Cleaning Tips

Spot Treat Your Oven

This was the most surprising of all the shaving cream cleaning hacks we came across. We found out that a little bit of shaving cream removes pesky oven spots. Spray some shaving cream over a spot in your oven and use a scouring pad to remove the stain.

shaving cream cleaning hacks

Clean Your Toilet

Finally, shaving cream can also be used to clean your toilet. Here’s what to do: Spray a thick layer of foam around the rim. Wait about 20 minutes, then wipe it clean with a damp cloth. The result will be a squeaky-clean toilet.


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