6 Self-Care Apps To Improve Your Life

self-care apps

Self-care is an essential component of overall health. The saying holds true: You can’t care for others if you don’t care for yourself. Some examples of popular self-care activities include exercising, eating right, developing a skincare routine, meditation and yoga. While those are all worthwhile activities, we define the term as pretty much anything you do to care for your body and mind. Phone apps can help you keep track of your daily self-care tasks, no matter how you choose to spend your “me-time” each day. Here are the self-care apps we recommend.

self-care apps


Headspace is a meditation app that teaches users the practice of mindfulness meditation. The app offers basic and advanced courses, plus extra meditations for specific issues like sleeping and relationships. You can connect with other users and keep track of your daily practices on the app, which offers a free and premium version. We highly recommend this one to anyone interested in learning the basics of meditation.


Next on our list of self-care apps is Calm, which also offers guided meditations. Additionally, the app features helpful tools for managing stress and anxiety, including soothing sounds and bedtime stories to help lull you to sleep. This one is another popular favorite. You can try the app free for seven days before subscribing.


Practicing gratitude has been shown to make people happier and less stressed. The Grateful app is a “prompt-based gratitude journal” that helps you stay focused on the things that mean the most to you.


The Happify app helps users overcome negative thought patterns and live happier lives. It combines aspects of science-backed fields including psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness to help you achieve better control of your thoughts and emotions. If you’ve been struggling with unwanted thoughts lately, this app may provide some relief.


According to the website, Shine will help you get through “uncertain times.” Shine offers daily meditations on timely topics like dealing with COVID-19 in addition to personal affirmations and a community of global users who you can connect with on the app.


You can build habits in 30 days with the Fabulous app, according to the website. The app promises to help you create healthy daily rituals to achieve things like greater energy levels and better sleep. It also gives you tools for breaking out of a rut. Overall, it seeks to help you become the best version possible of yourself, which is what the core of self-care is all about.

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