Running Resident Spotlight on: Jill McDonnell

Jill just finished running the Chicago marathon, though you wouldn’t be able to tell by her happy disposition and the “hat” on her head. It’s a fabric crown made of birthday candles.  Jill laughs and shrugs, “It’s my Birthday, I had to run the marathon!” She finished with a personal best time of 4:48, shaving 30 minutes off her last race time.
Jill has been an avid runner along Chicago’s lakefront for years now.  This year she moved to 2756 Pine Grove, one of our nicest buildings in Lincoln Park and has enjoyed her relocation. “I can’t tell you how much I love getting up in the morning to run along the lakefront and through the parks that are right outside my door,” she says. “Moving here made it very easy to get motivated.”

Jill Running in her Crown!

Jill Running in her Crown!

Congratulations to Jill and all of our PPM tenants who participated in the Marathon. We’re proud to call you our residents! GREAT WORK!!!

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  1. You were the greatest runner out there! You looked beautiful and and were super fast and looked AMAZING! Rock on, you rockstar!!!

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