How to Style Rugs Over Carpet in Your Apartment

Chicago Apartments, Rug Styling Tips, Living Room

People have thoughts when it comes to styling rugs over carpet. Because rugs are often styled over hardwood, apartment dwellers with wall-to-wall carpeting may assume rugs won’t work in their space. However, we disagree with this assumption. Despite the controversy, we believe you can make rugs over carpet look chic in your apartment, and we’ll show you how to do it. Here are our best tips for how to do this look the right way. Because why should folks with hardwood floors have all the fun?

Chicago Apartments, Rug Styling Tips

1. Don’t Overdo The Patterns

Our first tip is to keep things basic. You don’t want your decor to look too busy, even if you’re into the maximalist aesthetic. To keep cohesion throughout your apartment, don’t pile patterns on top of patterns. Instead, only opt for a pattern if your carpet is solid.

2. Choose Complementary Colors

While you’ll want to vary your textures, it’s important to consider how different carpet and rug colors will look against one another. Choosing colors that complement each other will ensure an aesthetically pleasing look. Avoid clashes by picking a rug whose color(s) go well with your existing carpet.

3. Try Varied Textures

One way to ensure that the rug over carpet look works in your own apartment is to vary textures. If you have plush carpeting, go for something simple and sleek, like a woven rug. Similarly, if your carpet is more basic, choose a plush rug to give it some added softness. A good rule to remember is to choose the opposite texture of that of your wall-to-wall carpet.

4. Play With Shapes

If you’re opting for smaller rugs over the carpet, experiment with fun shapes (and sizes, too!). One of the bonuses of using smaller rugs in a small space is that you can use them to create the illusion of separate spaces. This is especially beneficial for folks who dwell in a studio-sized apartment.


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