ROCKS In Lakeview

Chicago Apartments, ROCKS in Lakeview, Red Eye

ROCKS, located in Lakeview near so many of our properties.

It opened about five years ago and is still packed every night.

Stop by this neighborhood spot to grab a delicious snack, drinks with friends, or dinner!

With their large outdoor seating right on Broadway and spacious indoors with a bar, it appeals to everyone. Here’s what we tried at ROCKS.

The All Kale Caesar

Chicago Apartments, ROCKS in Lakeview, All Kale Caesar

Tired of a plain Caesar salad? Try this salad with a nice and bright twist with its jalapeños, pumpkin seeds, and a Caesar dressing with avocado.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Chicago Apartments, ROCKS in Lakeview, Buffalo Chicken Wrap

This buffalo chicken wrap will be sure to satisfy your spicy cravings! If you like extra spice, get it “Angry”.

The “Red Eye”

Chicago Apartments, ROCKS in Lakeview, Red Eye

A burger topped with an egg, bacon and an immense amount of cheese will be sure to cover both breakfast and lunch for the day!

ROCKS Burger Challenge

A giant burger you must finish to win. 30 minutes to finish EVERYTHING! No Help. If you finish it’s free, if not its $30. Winning lands you a championship T-shirt and entry to the ROCKStar hall of fame. There is not prize for ALMOST.

Check out ROCKS to see the rest of their menu and try out their variety of food at 3463 N. Broadway or on their website at

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