Rockit Wrigley at 536 W. Addison

If you do not follow us on Twitter and you’re not our friend on Facebook, then you probably missed our announcement for the amazing treat we will have for our 536 W. Addison residents, tonight, in the lobby. Rockit Wrigleyville will be there from 6PM to 8PM serving up their famous Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Pomegranate Seeds and Pumpkin Seed Oil. Long name, and quite the tongue-twister, but believe us, it is delicious and if you live at 536 West Addison you will want to be home during those times and run to the lobby for your serving!
Just more evidence that no one loves their residents as much as Planned Property Management! Also, BIG THANKS to Rockit for partnering with us! So, tell your neighbors, tell your friends, and we will see you tonight!
**Rockit is one of PPM’s Friends With Benefits. For Specials Deals At Rockit & Other Amazing Places, Check Out Our Friends With Benefits Page!

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