PPM Connect Rewards: Rizzo’s Bar and Inn


Rizzo’s Bar and Inn is located just 443 feet from Wrigley Field, according to the website. No wonder it’s been a go-to neighborhood spot for enjoying sports and great food for decades! From the spot’s three full-service bars to its 28 LED TVS to its 8,500 square feet of open space, Rizzo’s offers everything you need for a good time.


Image: Rizzo’s Bar and Inn

The family-owned establishment “pays homage to the history of Wrigley Field and its neighborhood,” with historical photos, high-quality service, and a “home-run” ball park menu. Look for tasty items like nachos, wings, tacos, and burgers on the menu, plus chicken tenders, curly fries, and more. The drinks menu features everything from frozen cocktails to draft beers. Rizzo’s also has a late night menu with yummy bites like mozzarella sticks and fried pickle chips. For dessert, don’t miss the Churro Bites!

Rizzo’s Bar and Inn is a partner of PPM’s Connect Rewards program. As a PPM resident, you’ll get 15% off your order! Check out the Rizzo’s website to learn more and view the full menu.

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