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It can be hard to find comfortable apartments in Chicago you want if you have a pet. Planned Property Management boasts several dog-friendly buildings and each and every one of our properties is cat-friendly!
A new feature in the PPM Pet Blog will spotlight one of our residents each month. Residents will discuss moving with a dog, locating the right building, and what they love about being a pet owner in Chicago!
This month welcomes Marie Susi and her Pug MJ to the blog!
1.) Did you already have your pup when you were looking to move to a new apartment?

2.) What were challenges looking for a dog-friendly building (if any)?

Not hard, really. Since my dog is on the smaller size and there are quite a few buildings which accept dogs under 25 lbs.
3.) If you already had your dog, what drew you to PPM as your apartment of choice?

I love the area my apartment is in (Lincoln Park), it was a decent size, and was not a garden/basement apartment.
4.) Tell us about your dog!

I have a 9-year old Pug named MJ.
5.) Any cute anecdotes about your pup?

He likes to sleep with a toy in his mouth (like big stuffed animals) and he is perpetually hungry (even after he has eaten all of his food he will give people in the elevator hungry eyes in hopes of them giving him food).
6.) What makes your dog truly unique?

His personality! He also has a distinct prance/walk. No one can resist him!
7.) What do you like about being a dog owner in Chicago?

Having a dog in the city is not the easiest thing, but as long as I had MJ, I would enjoy being a dog owner anywhere I lived!
8.)What are some challenges you have about being a dog owner in the city?

Lack of grass, no yard to let dog loose so improving ways to get him a lot of exercise, other people not picking up after their dogs, and transporting him without a car.

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