Resident Spotlight – 5 Random Questions for Ligia Vado

Meet Ligia and her adorable dog Sophia, residents at our 515 W. Briar property.  Ligia hails from Nicaragua, and moved to Chicago with Sophia after being offered a post-doctoral position at UIC.  I caught them outside of their building, and asked 5 random questions to get to know them better.  Unfortunately Sophia refused to talk, but here’s my questions and Ligia’s responses:

Which is more important, love or money?

Love is more important, but I’d rather be rich than poor.   If I have to choose one, though, love is more important.  If you have love you will have the strength to fight for money.

When does it stop being partly cloudy, and start being partly sunny?

When you start feeling happy and [censored], it starts being sunny.  But when you start feeling cold and sad and kind of down, it starts being cloudy.

Do trees have rights?

Trees have natural rights.  We should use them sustainably.  It’s our job to take care of them, but they’re there for us to use too.

If you could break any law and get away with it, which one would it be?

Laws are there to be broken, I’d break them all!!!  Just kidding.  If I could break one, I’d rob a bank and get millions!!!

To you what does the word art mean?

Art is an expression of feeling and intelligence; an expression of the outer world and the spirit.

Thanks Ligia for taking the time to talk to me.  I never knew it started being partly sunny when [censored], but I do now.  Anyway, if you (yes you) would like to be our next resident in the spotlight, let me know.  Send me an email at  I’ll muster up 5 random questions for you, and you will be on PPM’s Wall of Fame.

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