Renter’s Insurance

Chicago Apartments, Renter's Insurance

We here @ PPM believe that renters insurance is a great idea! We also believe that if you know the facts, you will agree!
Here are some common myths about renters insurance:
“My belongings aren’t worth insuring.”
You may be surprised at what your belongings are worth. Imagine having to replace your entire wardrobe, your TV and laptop, your bike, your stereo, and more!
“PPM’s insurance covers me.”
Your landlord’s insurance typically only covers the dwelling–not your personal belongings.

“I hear renters insurance is expensive.”

If you can afford a night at the movies once a month, you can afford renters insurance. And if you have auto insurance with State Farm, or if your apartment has a security system, your premiums could be even lower.
Chicago Apartments, Renter's Insurance

“I don’t need liability insurance.”

Your landlord’s policy does not cover your liability for a loss that occurs in your apartment.
Chicago Apartments, Renter's Insurance
For an immediate quote call State Farm Agent Kevin Greco at 773-281-0890 or visit our office @ 2722 N. Lincoln.

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