Q BBQ in Lakeview

Q BBQ in Lakeview
714 W. Diversey
We FINALLY made it to Q BBQ‘s new Lakeview location and we are kicking ourselves for not stopping by sooner!  We absolutely like the casual atmosphere (you order at the counter and your food is brought to you) and we LOVED the service we received from Kelsey – she was knowledgeable and enthusiastic!

The decor is awesome

Wood everywhere you look and cool old pictures of barbecue joints line the walls. There’s even a sink in the middle of the restaurant for you to wash your hands if you haven’t licked them clean.  We loved the self-serve fountains drinks (and great sweet tea) and the limitless pickle bar.

Here is what we had

Spicy Wings

“Perfect starter – they were awesome – full of flavor and super tender”

Brisket Burnt Ends

“Magnificent – this is the most delicious meat I’ve ever eaten”

Mix-N-Match Sliders

“Q sliders. Pulled chicken, beef brisket, pulled pork. Amazing!!! The chicken was my favorite, it was so tender and had a sweet flavor. The pork and beef were also very good. The sweet sauce was perfect”

Pulled Chicken Sandwich

”There was definitely not a skimping of portions, here!  My chicken was so juicy and flavorful – I recommend Q Style”

Their fries

These are perfect and their cornbread is creamy heaven WE WILL BE BACK!!!
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