Puppy Socialization

It’s spring in Chicago! This means being out more for those of us who were buried under Chiberia! This also means getting out and about with your furry friend. Whether it’s the dog beach, dog park, or even friendly entry way interactions, dogs in the city are just so darn social! Because the first three months of a puppy’s life are the period when sociability outweighs fear, this is the best time for puppies to adapt to new people, animals, and experiences. Incomplete or improper socialization during this important time can increase the risk of behavioral problems later in life including fear, avoidance, and/or aggression. For our Planned Property Management residents who just added a new puppy to their family, we have some tips on healthy socialization of your new addition.

(1) Vaccinate! Vaccinate! Vaccinate! Puppies are particularly susceptible to diseases, especially before they are fully vaccinated (typically around 16 weeks). Common illnesses include puppy warts and kennel cough. These illnesses are very rarely fatal. More serious conditions include parvovirus and distemper. These diseases are transmitted through urine, fecal matter, or other infected dogs. Most puppies already have some immunity from their mother or from vaccinations. Keeping up to date with shots and working closely with your vet is the best way to help your puppy not become Typhoid Rover.

(2) Before enrolling in a puppy training class or exposing your dog to a larger group of puppy pals, it’s wise to wait a minimum of seven days after your fur baby’s first round of vaccinations.

(3) Enroll in a puppy class! In Chicago, we have so many options for socialization. Ranging from puppy classes at chain store such as PetCo or more local businesses such as Unleashed. Enrolling in puppy classes prior to three months of age (after vaccinations have been given) is a way to improve training, strengthening the owner-pet bond, and socializing puppies in an environment where risk of illness can be minimized.

(4) Only let your new addition interact with other puppies that are healthy and current on vaccinations, or with adult dogs you know to be friendly and fully vaccinated.

(5) While the dog beach and dog parks can be so so tempting, keep your puppy away from dog parks until he/she is fully vaccinated and at least 6 months old.

(6) Watch out! Keep an eye on your puppy. If a situation seems to overwhelm him/her, be ready to remove them.

(7) If your puppy shows signs of transmissible illness (e.g., coughing, mucus, or loose stool), contact your vet and keep your puppy away from other dogs.

We at Planned Property Management welcome you and your new addition to our buildings. Have a fun, active, and safe spring!
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