PPM LAB RATS – Protein/Energy Bar Taste Test

Chicago Apartments, Protein Energy Bars

We’re happy to welcome you to PPM’s New Lab Rat Blogspace!!!
We are tracking the HOTTEST up-and-coming trends in health and fitness! Why? Well, at PPM we offer the BEST in overall quality of living and lifestyle benefits. And your health is included! After all, a healthy tenant is a happy tenant.
Don’t forget, at PPM we have fitness centers in several of our buildings– plus we offer free membership enrollments to XSPORT if you don’t already have one.
For our inaugural posting we decided to tackle something fun. From “The Situation” to the bikers on Clark Street, meal replacement/ energy bars are an important part of daily life. But have you ever spent $3 on an energy bar, only to take the first bite and spit it right back out?? Well, we wanted to get to the bottom of this meal replacement bar mystery.
Our panel of PPM LAB RATS tried 13 different bars and gave them each a rating. Organic Cocoa Cassava’s Chocolate and Coconut bar is our overall favorite (much thanks to the guy at Vitamin Shoppe for suggesting it)!!!
Here are the results and final rankings:
Chicago Apartments, Protein Energy Bars

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