Promoting Lollawareness – PPM’s Guide to Hot Lollapalooza Events

It’s hard to believe Lollapalooza, which started as a farewell tour for the band Jane’s Addiction, would one day morph into Chicago’s premiere destination music festival, expanding to 3 days, and housing over 250,000 attendees over the course one weekend.  So large has the festival swollen, that Grant Park (Lolla’s official location) can no longer contain it.  For four days, from Thursday to Sunday, the entire city comes alive with Lollapalooza events.  So wildly popular are these events that most of the 40+ official Lollapalooza after parties are sold out.  But here’s the good news.  Many of the hottest Lolla events are ticketless.  But, there’s a catch.  You must RSVP before-hand and show up on time; many of these events fill capacity early in the night.  Below is a list of ticketless Lolla picks to ensure that good times ensue.
1.)    The Underground Presents Lolla WKND – A favorite of celebs and locals alike, the Underground has held Lolla post-parties since its inception.    The lineup for the weekend can be found on the Underground’s website, but the identity of the super-secret headliner for Saturday is hush-hush.  Since The Alchemist, DJ for the wildly popular Eminem, is on the bill, rumors are that the surprise guest is Eminem himself.   Event hours are from 10 pm to 4 am Thursday to Sunday.
2.)    Filter Magazine Parties @ the Hard Rock Hotel – Housed in the ballroom of the Hard Rock, this party runs Friday and Saturday from 10 pm to 2 am.  Night one features the bands The Cults and Maps and Atlases; on night two Foster the People and Phantogram play.  The real highlight, though, is a rare DJ appearance from Frodo himself, Lord of the Rings film star Elijah Wood.
3.)    Angels and Kings After Parties – The festivities at this Hard Rock Hotel lobby bar run from  9 pm-2 am Thursday to Sunday.  The venue is small, and will fill very, very, very quickly.  Try to be there before 9 to get in.  The top night of Angels and Kings After Parties by far is Friday, featuring a performance from Black Cards, current project of co-owner Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy fame.
4.)    Debonair Social Club After Parties 2011 – Debonair hosts three days of partying, starting on Thursday with a DJ performance from Ok Go! and ending on Saturday with a performance from White Lies.  Saturday will prove to be a hot night for Debonair, with a DJ appearance from The Friendly Fires.  The party starts at 9 pm each night with a hosted cocktail reception and the party ends at an undisclosed time.
No matter where your Lolla weekend takes you, we wish you four nights of unforgettable times.  If you have any questions about these shows, or any of the Lolla pre or post parties, feel free to email
For a list of Lollapalooza sanctioned aftershows, ticketed and ticketless, click HERE.

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