Pressbox Chicago

Chicago Apartments, Pressbox, 350 W Oakdale

Life’s about to get a little bit easier (and warmer)!
You can now dry clean your clothes 24/7 without going outside through PPM’s newest partner: Pressbox. They have been dubbed “the Uber of dry cleaning” as they are bringing convenience and technology to dry cleaning.
Here is how it works: Just drop your clothes off at your in-building Pressbox and text your locker number (eg, 123) to Pressbox.
PPM has installed lockers @ 500 W. Belmont, 350 W. Oakdale, 441 W. Oakdale and coming soon to 1000 N. LaSalle.
Chicago Apartments, Pressbox
Once your clothes are cleaned, Pressbox will send you back a secure access PIN so you can retrieve your clothes 24/7.
Chicago Apartments, Pressbox, 350 W Oakdale
Typical turnaround is two days, their prices are competitive, (eg, $2 per shirt), and their cleaning partners have 35 years of experience. They are even trying to be one of the lowest priced for female clothing items like dresses and skirts!

We are excited to partner with Pressbox to provide our residents the dry cleaner they deserve! To celebrate the new partnership, Pressbox is cleaning giving each PPM resident a $5 credit.

You can meet the team at 2936 North Lincoln (Their HQ storefront) or email them at! If you haven’t already make sure to check our our previous blog on How to stop hitting snooze and get more out of your day!

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