5 Ways To Prepare Your Apartment For Fall

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Brace yourselves: pumpkin spice season is upon us, and the unofficial start of fall has arrived. From the return of sweater weather to the spookiness of Halloween, there will be a lot to celebrate over the next couple of months, and we’ll be sharing tips for how to enjoy it every step of the way. We’re kicking things off with some tips for how to bring that “fall fever” right into your home. To us, the best fall decor is found the details. We love adding small joys to our homes that excite all five senses and get us into that fall mindset. Below, we’re sharing a few of the best ways you can prepare your apartment for fall. Ready? Let’s go.

Apartment Fall Cleaning, Chicago Apartments

Start With A Deep Clean

The start of a new season offers a nice opportunity for a symbolic fresh start. Embarking on a thorough deep-cleaning session in your apartment can help get you into the right mindset for the months ahead. Not to mention, with cold and flu season on the way, putting some effort into your house cleaning can be beneficial to both your physical and mental health. To get your apartment fall-ready, we recommend doing a nice deep clean of every room in your home. Before adding any new scents or decorations to the mix, you’ll want everything to be as clean as possible so you can enjoy your fall decor to the fullest, without any clutter to get in the way.

Fall Bedroom Ideas, Chicago Apartments

For Your Bedroom

String lights are a small addition that can make any room feel cozy, but we especially love them in a bedroom. Soft light feels both romantic and soothing, and as the days begin to get shorter again, string lights can help create you to create your own comfy fall sanctuary. Another way to bring fall into your bedroom is to add some extra throw blankets or comforters to your bedspread. This will create a comfy textured look, and once the weather begins to dip, you’ll appreciate the extra insulation.

Fall Bathroom Ideas, Chicago Apartments

For Your Bathroom

Fall-scented bath essentials like shower gel, bathroom spray and hand soap can be fun ways to bring fall right into your bathroom. Some handmade bar soaps feature fall-themed dried fruits or herbs that can provide aromatherapeutic benefits. If you want to bring the beauty of fall leaves into your bathroom, go for an autumnal shower curtain, like this one here.

Fall Living Room Ideas, Chicago Apartments


For Your Living Room

Another tip to prepare your apartment for fall is to embrace the colors of the season. This works especially well in a living room, although it can be applied to any room in your apartment. Emulate the colors of changing leaves by decorating with bold reds, burnt oranges and bright yellow hues. Whether it’s apple-colored hand towels or some special fall-colored throw pillows on the couch, utilizing fall’s warm rich tones is an easy way to bring some of that much-loved autumnal spirit into your home.

Scented fall candles are another wonderful way to kick off the fall season in your home. It’s easy to find candles in scents like apple pie or pumpkin spice, which will give your home a comfy feeling.

Fall Kitchen Ideas, Chicago Apartments


For Your Kitchen

Stock up on fall recipes and scents to hone in on the joys of autumn. Now is the time to start stocking up on all of your fall favorites for the fridge and pantry. Go ahead, try that pumpkin spice-flavored food item that would not normally be associated with pumpkins or spices. Buy some apple cider or a fall-flavored tea. Fill your fruit bowl with autumnal produce. Now is the time to have a little fun with your fall preparations — because they’ve only just begun.

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