How to Prepare Your Apartment for a New Pet

prepare your apartment for a new pet

Bringing a new pet home to your apartment is a super exciting time. But before you get to the fun stuff, you’ll need to do a little preparation. As a new pet owner, you’ll want to make sure your apartment is a safe and welcoming environment for your furry companion. Here’s our best advice for how to prepare your apartment for a new pet.

bringing a new pet home

Prepare Your Pet’s Space

Before bringing home your dog or cat, set up a place for them to eat, drink, and sleep. Make sure to put out food and water bowls ahead of time, too, so your pet can easily access them. Providing a soft spot to rest will also help your cat or dog feel comfortable. Also, if your new pet is a cat, you must set up the litter box ahead of time to avoid any unwanted accidents.

prepare apartment for new pet

Put a Lid on It

To keep your pet safe (and from making a mess), use a tight lid on your trash and recycling bins. We recommend finding one with a lid that clicks shut, so you’ll know it’s sealed tight. Swinging lids don’t always work for pets who are partial to tipping things!

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Keep Chemicals Locked

Many animals are naturally curious. So, you’ll want to keep toxic chemicals, like cleaning supplies, locked away and out of reach. If this isn’t an option, invest in a small lock for your cabinets so animals can’t get inside (child-proof locks work just fine).

how to prepare your apartment for a new pet

Use Puppy Pads

When it’s time to prepare your apartment for a new pet, we say better to be safe than sorry. Some animals get anxious when they’re introduced to new environments, and that nat lead to accidents in your apartment. We recommend putting down some puppy or pet pads, newspaper, or paper towels on the floor before bringing your new pet home. That way, it’ll be easier to clean up any messes.

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