PPM’s Top Five Creepy Podcasts

Chicago Apartments, Creepy Podcasts, The No Sleep Podcast

The Halloween season has so many great parts to it, from the costume parties to the haunted houses, you be hard pressed to find something not fun to do during this holiday. One unique thing that most people don’t realize are the countless podcasts pertaining to the horror genre.

So we thought we share some of our favorite spooky podcasts that you can listen to this Halloween season for free! Don’t let it stop you there though, all of these podcasts go year round, even though it is Halloween you can be sure to listen to these whenever you feel the need for a good scary tale. Here are our top FIVE podcasts that you have to checkout this month.

The No Sleep Podcast

Chicago Apartments, Creepy Podcasts, The No Sleep Podcast

This is one of our favorites and comes straight from stories shared on Reddit’s NoSleep. The production is fantastic and the voice actors do an amazing job. We highly recommend you check them out here!


Chicago Apartments, Creepy Podcasts, Lore

We recently just stumbled upon the Lore podcast which is pretty amazing. Here you learn about the frightening history behind common folklore. Definitely worth a look here!

Welcome to Night Vale

Chicago Apartments, Creepy Podcasts, Welcome to Night Vale

This is a really cool podcast that has been going now for quite a few years. Based around a lot of Lovecraftian themes, Welcome to Night Vale is less scary but more “weird” as you dive into madness with your host Cecil. Check it out here!


Chicago Apartments, Creepy Podcasts, Creepypasta

Manly these are written stories, though many people have adopted them into audio format for your enjoyment. You can find many for free by searching them through YouTube. Some notable ones to get you started are, Candle Cove, Jeff The Killer, Smile Dog, SCP Foundation, and of course Slender Man. Plenty can be found here!

Tales to Terrify

Chicago Apartments, Creepy Podcasts, Tales to Terrify

Great, creepy, weird, and scary. This is another fantastic podcast for quick short scary stories. Check them out here!

It’s obvious that horror podcasts have become more popular and audio dramas and stories have as well. There are an abundance of great podcasts out there to keep you curled up at night, but if you’ve been wanting to dive in, you can’t go wrong with our list. We do recommend that you make a donation to one of these remarkable free sites, as a lot of work goes into making these incredible stories! Finally, if you haven’t already make sure to check out your latest blog on Chicago Haunted Houses 2016!

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