PPM’s Last Minute Gift Guide

You swore things were going to be different.  You swore this year the names on your list would be crossed off with time to spare.  Yet time is running short before the big holiday and you still have gifts left to buy.  But no need to worry, we have some fresh takes on classic gifts sure to make anyone’s season bright.


Yes cupcakes.  Of the gourmet variety.  Gourmet cupcakes have taken the city by storm.  This works in your favor because with Sprinkles in the Gold Coast, Molly’s in Lincoln Park, and Phoebe’s in Lakeview, gourmet cupcakes are easy to pick up on the go.  And, at all three bakeries the cakes are aesthetically pleasing and come in a slew of tantalizing flavors.


Be creative.  No need to buy that boxed gift set.  Instead, go to your lucky gift recipient’s favorite watering hole and buy a gift card.  Trust us, they will be ecstatic to have a legitimate reason to visit said establishment.  Or if you’re going out of town, get a growler or pack of bottles of specialty beer from the Goose Island Brewpub in Lincoln Park or Wrigleyville.  This is perfect because even though Goose Island brews are a Chicago staple, they are not available in the majority of the country.

Framed Picture Collage

This is a simple, homemade, personal gift that’s easy to make impressive.  To start, find your favorite Facebook pics and print them on glossy paper in black and white or a sepia tone.  Next, get an interesting/quirky photo collage frame from the nearest big box retailer such as Kohls or Bed, Bath, and Beyond in Lincoln Park.  Put the pics in the frame, and done.  Or, if the gift is for someone you share a good laugh with, print your favorite internet memes and put those in the frame.

And, if have your own great gift ideas we’d love to hear them 

Comment below, or on our Facebook page.  Also, if you’re looking to gift yourself with a great Chicago apartment in one of Chicago’s best neighborhoods book an appointment with us online, or call us at (773) 570-3744.  One of our expert leasing agents will give you a tour of the properties and neighborhoods you are interested in, or if you cannot be there in person we are happy to walk you through an online tour.

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