PPM’s Costume Planning Advice For All

Chicago Apartments, Halloween Advice

At PPM, we LOVE Halloween! Our employees love to dress up and we highly encourage them to! So, what ingredients does it take to get a great costume together? Here’s what our employees have to say…
“The more blood, the better!” –Davorin, 806 W. Belmont
“Always make it funny!” –Jenna, 1000 N. LaSalle
“I always get my costumes at Lover’s Lane. I swear they have good costumes! …Seriously!” – Michelle, 806 W. Belmont
“Go to resale shops or even the army surplus store on Lincoln Ave to find pieces to make the best costume at an affordable price!” –Katie, 806 W. Belmont
“Since I was a kid, I’ve always dressed as something very phallic…. A banana, corn on the cob, a HOT DOG! … Just choose a theme.  Something that really speaks to you.” – Dan, 507 W. Diversey

Chicago Apartments, Halloween Advice

Matt, From 806 W. Belmont

“Don’t just be a pumpkin! Be original.” – Bianca, 806 W. Belmont
“Everyone should go as Charlie Sheen. He’s the most ridiculous person of 2011. Just look like you’re on drugs and get two hookers to go out with you.” –Kelsey, 1120 N. LaSalle
“It’s always best to marry funny and function. Like the ol’ box o’wine, where you carry boxed wine around in your costume that pours out of a spigot. You’ll be a hit!” –Megan, 1111 N. Dearborn
“Always weigh these questions: 1) How hard is it to make? And, more importantly, 2) Will it get you laid?” –Jon, Halloween Party Environmental Consultant to the Stars
“You have one night a year to be whoever you want—make it count! Me? I’m gonna be Slash. He’s the best.” – Matt, 806 W. Belmont
“In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” – Katie, quoting “Mean Girls”
“Whatever you do, make sure you are completely unrecognizable and you’ve done your job!

Taylor’s Dia de los Muertos Face

Muahahahahahahaha.” –Taylor Wilson, Halloween Stylist Extraordinaire
“Don’t be Lady Gaga again… Or a team of Double Dare contestants…  Or whatever else you’ve been repeating. It’s old.” –Shelly, PPM’s Go-To Advisor Who Always ‘Tells It Like It Is’
“Enrique Iglesias.” –Dan, Gold Coast Manager (….Uhhh, is that your answer to everything now?? Watch The Dan’s Meet Enrique if you haven’t yet!)
“Any famous ginger of your choosing. You know you secretly want to be one. Everyone does. Seriously.” –Andrea, Resident Red-Head
“I always ask myself one question: Can I dance all night in this and still look hot? That’s why I’m going as Robo-cop this year. Duh.” –Aaron, 1133 N. Dearborn
Well, we didn’t say it would be good advice…. Happy Halloween from PPM!!!! Have fun and be safe!

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