PPM Safety Tips

Chicago Apartments, Safety Tips

Planned Property Management has buildings in Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and the Gold Coast. With the warmer weather, there has been increased foot traffic everywhere in this gorgeous city, but in these neighborhoods especially. With increased foot traffic, comes increased potential for crime. There have been two specific increases in theft in Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and the Gold Coast: car break-ins and package thefts by non-residents.
There has been an uptick in people’s car being broken into. Thieves have been stealing GPS devices, mobile phones, purses, and other items left in plain view. The Chicago Police recommend being focused on your surroundings – pay attention to what’s going on around you as you lock up your car. Stop your conversation or texting as you exit your vehicle and make sure that all valuables are with you or not in plain sight. Other tips include:

ALWAYS lock your car doors

Chicago Apartments, Safety Tips
For the most part, the first step toward keeping your belongings safe is locking your car doors. Locked doors can be an effective theft deterrent.
Leave nothing in your car. Take everything with you before you leave, even your car registration. If there’s nothing in your car to steal, nothing can be stolen.

Get Creative

Chicago Apartments, Safety Tips
There may be times when you can’t fit everything you own in your pockets or bag; some valuables will inevitably get left behind. In situations like this, get creative. Remember back in middle school when you hid stashes of candy from your parents? Hone those skills. A trunk, under seat, empty tissue box, gym bag you always say you’re going to use but never do – these are all potential hiding places in your car for what you value most. Use them.

Don’t pimp your car…unless it’s with anti-theft devices

Chicago Apartments, Safety Tips
Keep it simple. We aren’t in the early 2000’s anymore, and life isn’t a live episode of MTV’s Pimp My Ride. Hood ornaments, expensive hubcaps, and other external enhancements on your car don’t just look tacky; they also draw unnecessary attention and are easily stolen. If you feel the irresistible need to bling your car out with something, do it with car alarms, The Club, or other anti-theft devices.

Start paying better attention to where you park your car

Chicago Apartments, Safety Tips
This goes beyond simply remembering your Lot or Level number in the parking garage (though of course that’s important too). Try and park in well-lit and well-populated areas, such as near a street lamp or in a busy parking lot. The more likely potential thieves could get spotted by a passerby, the less likely they’ll take the risk of breaking into your car.

Practice this miscellaneous list of tips, as needed

Chicago Apartments, Safety Tips
Take face-plates off stereos (if you have one). Use a sunshade on your windshield to prevent potential thieves from looking at what you have inside your car. Hide loose change and cash, no matter how small the amount. Chain your spare tire to your car, as those are easily stolen. Make sure your car windows and doors are always functioning properly. Avoid using/owning cars that are easy to break into, such as jeeps with cloth tops. In short, don’t let you and your car be an easy target. With regards to package theft there have been reports of non-residents following delivery men in and stealing packages after the delivery man has left. Here are some tips to help with keeping your deliveries safe if you don’t live in a PPM building with a doorman and/or receiving room.

Stranger (maybe) Danger!

Chicago Apartments, Safety Tips
We’ve all seen the signs in our buildings: Don’t let anyone in you don’t know. No one wants to be “that person” who doesn’t let a delivery man in with a piping hot pizza, tripping all over himself, trying to be buzzed in. But with the rise in package thefts, residents should be extra vigilant and disallow anyone to follow them in they don’t know. Even if it is a little girl with a puppy in a leash.

X marks the safe spot!

Chicago Apartments, Safety Tips
If you live in a PPM building without a receiving room or doorman, take advantage of technology and your postal options – request a signature requirement upon delivery of your package or important letter. Tracking is also complimentary on most online orders. Take advantage!

If all else fails, outsource!

Chicago Apartments, Safety Tips
If you have a particularly expensive or important package or letter you need delivered, it might be a good idea to take advantage of your office’s receiving room. Or owe a friend a drink on a patio and ask to have your package shipped to their home if it’s of particular importance: a win-win! You get the safety delivery of your parcel and a friend to enjoy the Chicago spring weather! This isn’t a comprehensive list, so feel free to leave a reply with your sure-fire strategies to keep your car safe!

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