PPM Resident Appreciation Events

PPM prides itself on having happy residents. In order to show our residents just how much we love them, we throw PPM Resident Appreciation Events.
These events are meant to be a way to relax with fellow residents and maybe get to know the people at PPM who are behind the scenes, without having to leave your building.
They almost always involve food and are a guaranteed good time. We’ve put together a list of just a few of the events we’ve done for residents recently and some that are coming up soon.
If you have an idea for a resident appreciation event, feel free to get in contact with us. We hope to see ALL our residents come out for these events – I mean, who can turn down free food?
Date Building Events
Thurs 8-1 2756 Pine Grove Ice Cream Night

Sat 8-3 1120 LaSalle Pool Party

Thurs 8-8 544 West Melrose Ice Cream Night

Sat 8-10 3130 LSD / 350 Oakdale Lawn Picnic / BBQ

Thurs 8-15 441 West Oakdale Ice Cream Night

Sat 8-17 1111 Dearborn Pool Party

Thurs 8-22 634 Cornelia / 536 Addison 632 Addison / 3510 Pine Grove / 596 Hawthorne Courtyard BBQ

In addition to these events PPM also puts on contests, and gives great weekly deals on rent in all of our neighborhoods. Be sure to check out everything PPM does for its residents by following on facebook, twitter, and instagram!

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