Chicago Apartments, Recycling Tips

PPM implemented some new changes to the recycling program this summer by placing new bins at all the buildings as well as educating residents on what can and cannot be recycled. We hope that you have all taken full advantage of this new program – whether you have, or you haven’t we would love to hear why, what you like about it and if you’ve run into any problems so far.
To help with the transition, PPM now has Recycling Bags available to residents!! These reusable bags are meant to transport recyclables from your apartment to the recycle bins located outside of your building.
The bags are meant to make recycling more convenient for you and to also serve as a reminder of what you CAN’T recycle. The bags include the dirty dozen – a list of items you should NOT be placing in the recycle bins.
Bags are available to all residents upon request from your Customer Service Manager or Building Engineer.
Chicago Apartments, Recycling Tips
If you’d like a refresher on the recycling program changes that PPM implemented this Summer, please see our original blog: https://www.ppmapartments.com/blog/going-green-101-reduce-reuse-recycle/
As a reminder, here is a list of the items that CANNOT be recycled:
– Plastic bags, film & bubble wrap
Food Waste
Greasy Cardboard & Paper (pizza boxes included!)
Electronics & Cords
Toner Cartridges
Used napkins, paper towels & tissues
Poly-lined beverage cups (that means no Starbucks cups!!)
Biodegradable or compostable plastics
– Plastic cutlery, straws, or other #6 plastics

Chicago Apartments, Recycling Tips
Remember that one item from the above list can contaminate an entire bin so please be conscious of what you’re placing in your new recycle bags to go into the BLUE recycle bins.
Chicago Apartments, Recycling Tips
We hope that our blue reusable bags will provide a convenient way for you to transport your recycling to the recycling bins and will also give you a reminder of what can and cannot go into the bins. We applaud our residents for wanting to live greener lifestyles and we’re making changes to help make living greener more convenient!

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