PPM LAB RATS – Frozen Yogurt Taste Test

It’s the biggest frozen yogurt craze since fro-yo was invented!!! This time around it’s being marketed as a healthy, low-calorie, low-sugar dessert that is full of vitamins and pro-biotics. Good for you, but does it taste good??
Well, our residents have noticed an influx of Frozen Yogurt Places moving into their neighborhood, especially close to our buildings. We decided, in the name of health, we needed to taste test all of these new fangled places for the benefit of our tenants and readers alike.
The newest place to open is right next to our leasing office on Belmont. Yogen fruz is located at 843 W. Belmont. Tenants in Lakeview will have an easy time getting there! You pick your flavor, then you pick your topping and they make it fresh right in front of you! They added real pumpkin puree to their Pumpkin Spice flavor. Yum!
Berry Moon is an easy walk for our tenants living on Clark, Diversey, Pinegrove and Hampden Court. The best part about this place? It’s self-serve and you pay by the ounce! What a great deal!
Red Mango is easily accessible by foot for any of our Lakeview or Lincoln Park tenants, conveniently located on Clark Street, next to the Landmark Century Theater. They’ve been around for awhile and there’s always a line to order. They’re definitely doing something right!
Check out our Lab Rats Review and go get some!
Yogurt Taste Test Results

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