PPM Backyard Deals

Chicago Apartments, Le Cordon Bleu, College of Culinary Arts

Going out can get expensive, especially when you don’t know how to cook! So I love it when I find good deals around the city. But do you want to know what I really love? Well it is when I find deals next to our buildings!
Technique is the signature restaurant of Le Cordon Bleu.Chicago Apartments, Le Cordon Bleu, College of Culinary Arts This restaurant is in the school, which allows the students to make delicious meals for the public. The menu looks amazing and best of all, it’s a GREAT value.
You can go have a three course lunch for $10 or a three course dinner for $12. Now that’s awesome! Check out the menu and more on the website at http://www.techniquerestaurant.com
Let us know if you know other great deals, simply leave a comment below!

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