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Chicago Apartments, 3441 N Broadway, Modern Technology

Welcome to a new digital era! At PPM, we are implementing the most modern technology into all of our buildings! Check it out!
If you are walking down Broadway in Lakeview, you may notice an eye-catching new window display, unlike any other in the area. At 3441 N. Broadway, one of PPM’s Lakeview offices, we have installed a touch screen panel that allows anyone passing by the ability to access pictures and information on ANY of our properties, as well as watch our videos—with sound!  Just walk up to the window, touch the screen, type in what you want to view, and voila! All of our information is at your finger tips. We have also installed this feature at 1111 N. Dearborn, along the Maple Street entrance of the building. Come play!

Chicago Apartments, 3441 N Broadway, Modern Technology

Touch Screen Window Panels @ 3441 N. Broadway

At our high rise property located at 1133 N. Dearborn we are currently incorporating one the most cutting edge residential security systems available. Our residents are individually photographed and their picture is uploaded into our security system. They are issued a key card and when they walk into the building their picture appears on the screen. This Visitor Management System will ensure the highest level of security for our residents, and their guests. All of our tenants can rest assured that our measures in security are at the forefront of the industry.
PPM welcomes you to enjoy the luxuries of the most cutting edge technology available!

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