Popular Food Trucks In Chicago

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Over the past few years’ food trucks have become a popular thing. When there are concerts there are normally food trucks. When there are festivals there are food trucks. Anything you do in Chicago whether it is biking, walking, exploring will work up an appetite. Why go to a restaurant when you can stop at a food truck on the way?

Chicago has many popular food trucks that people love and swarm to get in line for. Every year there is even a food truck festival on June 23-24. It will feature 40-50+ gourmet food trucks for you to test out and try. Tickets are needed for this event. Continue reading to find out popular food trucks that you may come across in Chicago.

The Roost

Chicago Apartments, Food Trucks, The Roost

Is known for their fried chicken sandwiches. They are considered one of the best in Chicago. It is normally located in Lakeview but rumor has it there may be a location in River West. They have different types of chicken sandwiches to choose from. If you like spicy, they have it. If you are into Nashville hot styles, they have it. If you decide to go in the morning they even have breakfast sandwiches.

The Happy Lobster

Chicago Apartments, Food Trucks, Happy Lobster

Serves excellent lobster rolls. There are not many places in Chicago that serve good lobster rolls but this place is on wheels and rated one of the best. They have just “happy” rolls that are made with spices and butter. If you want a challenge you can get the “angry” roll that has spice to it. Make sure you are on the look for this popular food truck so you can get your half or full lobster roll.

5411 Empanadas

Chicago Apartments, Food Trucks, 5411 Empanadas

Provides you with food that you can eat with your hands and on the go. 5411 Empanadas has several permanent locations. These empanadas are stuffed with ham and cheese, beef and caramelized onions. Just don’t try one, be adventurous and try a few different kinds. This will also help to fill you up more then just having one which could be a snack.

Pierogi Street

Chicago Apartments, Food Trucks, Pierogi Street

Has a permanent location in Humboldt Park but also travels. This food truck allows you to mix different and various toppings and fillings. Sometimes they even have desserts to finish your Pierogi Street truck experience. They look really good and I would defiantly try this truck.

Doughnut Vault

Chicago Apartments, Food Trucks, Doughnut Vault

Is a tiny little food truck that can provide you with the boost of energy you need to make the start of your day a good one. They have multiple locations and many different flavors of old style donuts. They have daily specials and coffee.

Best Truckin BBQ

Chicago Apartments, Food Trucks, Best Truckin BBQ

Cooks all BBQ slow and low over a pit for hours a day. They have everything from sandwiches, chicken sliders, to a cheeseburger. They are best known for for their pulled pork sandwich that is tender and smoked for 12 hours.

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