Pokémon Go In Chicago

Chicago Apartments, Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go is the biggest craze happening all over the world and Chicago is no exception. I mean what’s not to like? It gets you outside, moving, and socializing with fellow Pokémon trainers, it’s a blast! Who hasn’t felt the nostalgia, it brings back childhood memories of watching the morning show or whipping out your Gameboy with your friends to catch, trade, and battle your new Pikachu.

What’s really unique about Pokémon Go is its push for interaction with others, such as battling team gyms as well as going to local landmarks and parks to catch rare Pokémon. Some places are better than others and some lures, an active spot to catch, can really tip the scales in finding some awesome Pokémon. So we listed the best places in Chicago to catch them all!

Millennium Park

Chicago Apartments, Pokemon Go, Millennium Park

This is the biggest hotspot in Chicago and one that just hosted the first Pokémon Go meet up. With countless acers of park space, the area is loaded with PokeStops, lures, gyms, and rare Pokémon you can’t find just walking the streets. You will also meet plenty of friendly trainers here to catch with.

Oak Street Beach And The Lake Front

Chicago Apartments, Pokemon Go, Oak Street Beach

Starting at Navy Pier all the way down to Oak Street beach on the lake front is sprawling with water Pokémon. Need a Squirtle trying to evolve your Magikarp to the epic Gyarados? The lake front is where you want to be!

Lincoln Park Zoo

Chicago Apartments, Pokemon Go, Lincoln Park Zoo

I mean it is a Zoo after all and the game has jam packed Lincoln Park with plenty of Pokémon. We even hear you can find your very own Pikachu along with some Charmander. That’s right Charmander, so you can work your way towards the fan favorite, Charizard!

PPM Buildings and Apartments

Chicago Apartments, Pokemon Go

Did you know many PPM buildings in the Gold Coast are PokeStops? You bet!  So even PPM residents can be the very best.

750 N. Rush

Chicago Apartments, Pokemon Go, 750 N Rush

750 N. Rush is a great spot to catch ghost Pokémon right by Geradanos and a PokeStop to boot.

1133 N. Dearborn and 1111 N. Dearborn

Chicago Apartments, Pokemon Go, 1133 N Dearborn, 1111 N Dearborn

Right in-between these two PPM buildings you will find not one but three PokeStops. It’s a great spot to catch grass Pokémon!

55 W. Chestnut

Chicago Apartments, Pokemon Go, 55 W Chestnut

On the steps of 55 W. Chestnut you will find it’s very own Pokestop. What’s even cooler, Scyther lurks in the area. Who doesn’t want a Scyther right?!
Chicago is loaded with great Pokemon Go stops for you to head out and explore. For our PPM resident’s, some our just out your door step. So get out there trainers because you gotta catch them all!  Make sure to join in on our summer Instagram contest, we love to see what Pokemon you are catching!

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